» Urgent: Request for Comment

Last month, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai revealed plans to weaken Obama-era net neutrality rules that prevented internet service providers from favoring certain sites by intentionally speeding or slowing down user access. (Appointed by Trump, Pai previously worked at Verizon as a lawyer.)

“America needs you to rise — or more accurately, remain seated in front of your computer screen — to this occasion,” Oliver concluded Sunday’s show. “So please, fly my pretties, fly once more!”

In Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver revisited the issue of net neutrality amid threats of rollbacks.

The host encouraged his viewers to visit the FCC site and leave comments in favor of strong net neutrality rules. And to make it easier, he offered a shortcut to the commission’s comment form through the domain www.gofccyourself.com.

Please fill out and comment, example:

I strongly urge the FCC to preserve and open internet under Title II rules.  We must maintain net neutrality if we’re going to have freedom of speech on the internet.