» Tell Governor Hogan to Join the US Climate Alliance

US Climate Alliance

Send a postcard to Governor Hogan and let us know you did it on Facebook or Twitter!

Sample Postcard text:

Dear Governor Hogan,

States must step up to fill the leadership void in Washington on climate and environmental issues. I am writing to ask you to join the governors of Washington State, California, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut in the U.S. Climate Alliance. The science is clear and there is too much at stake to remain silent. We will be unrelenting and persistent in our request and joining with other grass roots organizations in the area that are equally as concerned.

PS — make sure to include your name, address and email on your postcard. Please indicate that you are a member of AAco Huddle Network. Remember there is strength in numbers.

100 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland

It will only take a couple of minutes, so please do it as soon as possible.