Trump Reneges on the Paris Climate Agreement – What To Do….

US Climate Alliance

The current administration has decided to step away from the Paris Climate agreement. Effectively, Trump has told the world that we are better in isolation than if we unite to fight this global problem as one world. Not surprisingly, this announcement caused much despair in the hearts of millions of people. What should not be lost, however, is what immediately happened next.
The governors of California, New York, Washington State announced a climate alliance, which is committed to fulfilling the tenets of the Paris Climate Agreements despite President’s Trump’s decision to withdraw from the international pact. Moreover, late Friday afternoon, two of the four Republican governors in New England, the governors of Massachusetts and Vermont, announced that they, too, would join the growing climate alliance, along with the Democratic governors of Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Maryland, however, has not joined the climate alliance. Given this, the major action for this week is to write a postcard to Governor Larry Hogan asking him to fill the leadership void in Washington and join the climate alliance!!! Please do this before June 13th and let us know you have! We’ll post on Twitter/FB to inspire others.

*Action Steps:*
Sample Postcard text:

Dear Governor Hogan,

States must step up to fill the leadership void in Washington on climate and environmental issues. I am writing to ask you to join the governors of Washington State, California, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut in the U.S. Climate Alliance. The science is clear and there is too much at stake to remain silent. We will be unrelenting and persistent in our request and joining with other grass roots organizations in the area that are equally as concerned.

PS — make sure to include your name, address and email on your postcard. Please indicate that you are a member of AAco Huddle Network. Remember there is strength in numbers.

100 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland