» Tell Congress not to repeal the Johnson Amendment

We must act now! There is a strong move by the Republican majority in Congress to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which provides that religious organizations and other 501(c)(3) charities cannot endorse candidates for office or spend money to influence the outcomes of elections. The repeal is billed as a move to free churches from restrictions on their speech, but the actual effect will be an unbelievable worsening of the corruption of big money in politics.

It would mean that wealthy special interests and big corporations could get a TAX DEDUCTION for trying to influence government policy! They could easily create a fake charitable/religious corporation and pump in tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to corrupt our elections. The new “charity” – maybe they would call it a “church” – could then pass the money through to a Super PAC.

Sign the petition. Tell Congress not to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

Check out this 13-minute video by Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks Network, featuring Maryland volunteers from Wolf PAC and GMOM talking to their legislators.