» Phone Calls for Clean Energy in MD!

Call Senator Astle and tell him that we want SB732 “Clean Energy Jobs Act” out of committee. The bill will be heard by the Senate Finance Committee where Astle is Vice Chair. It would be great if 100 folks from District 30 A and 30 B (Astle’s district) could make these calls!

100 constituent phone calls to Sen. Astle could be game changing!!!!!!

All people need to do is call and say “hello, my name is ____, I live in ____, I am a constituent of Sen. Astle, and I hope Senator Astle will support the Clean Energy Jobs Act.”

His office’s phone number is (410) 841-3578

Right now, Maryland has about 5,000 solar jobs. Trump’s solar tariffs are projected to directly cost Maryland more than 780 solar jobs. If we pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2018 that will help prevent that job loss, and it will bring 20,000 solar jobs to Maryland between now and 2030.

To date 24 senators and 77 house members have co-sponsored the bill.

Here is a general fact sheet.