MD Legislative Coalition – 2018 Legislative Session Scorecard

2018 MD Legislative Session Overall Side By Side Grades (pdf file of Overall Grades)

2018 MD Legislative Session Scorecard (comprehensive xls file)

Now that the 2018 Legislative Session is over, the MD Legislative Coalition looked back to see how our legislators scored in voting for progressive legislation and made a scorecard.  They scored 85 bills across 8 categories and have derived an overall grade for each legislator. That grade represents the sum of positive and negative votes against the total number of votes each legislator had.  They also scored each legislator on each of the 8 categories.

During the scoring process, they discovered that 35 out of 85 (41%) of House bills and 41 out of 85 (48%) of Senate bills were never voted on. This is a massive amount of progressive legislation that did not even get a vote.  They felt that this needed to be counted in the final grades, so you will see two sets of grades:

Original Grade – this is the grade that the legislator received based on the votes they made

Adjusted Grade – this is the grade that the legislator received when we took into account the bills that never got a vote.

For the Adjusted Grades, if the legislator was on a committee that never voted for a bill, we gave them a score of -1 which is equivalent to a vote against the bill.  For the chairman of the committee, we assigned a double negative point score on the assumption that they have more power to make sure the vote happens.

The result of this adjustment is that any legislators who were on committees that had a preponderance of bills that did not get votes saw a very large decrease in their grade.