Kindness Grows Here / South County is Kind Initiative

Kindness Grows Here

Sarah Blaser of South County Huddle is starting a kindness group in the area called South County is Kind. She believes that there is an overall void in our culture when it comes to teaching children about tolerance for differences.

Since 2016 there has been a dramatic spike in hate crimes and bullying incidents in schools. The targets are often people of color, immigrants, or members of the LBGTQ community. The noose hanging incident at Crofton Middle School was the impetus for the Kindness Grows Here events which have attracted hundreds of people who wanted to show their support for the community. The recent events at Chesapeake High School warrant the need for kindness to organize.

Kristen Caminiti of Kindness Grows Here is an anti-bullying advocate whose information is located here and here.

Kristen has generously offered to help Sarah organize under the umbrella of her organization. She is also working with the principal and students at Southern High School to start a kindness anti-bullying group, in addition to doing presentations at Anne Arundel County elementary schools in April.

South County is Kind is currently in the early planning stages for people who want to work together to positively teach our children to grow kindness to combat hate.
For more info contact Sarah Blaser at and visit Kindness Grows Here.