Grassroots Engaged in VA House of Delegate Races in Fall of 2017

Sept. 25 WNDC Grassroots Event

Grassroots Coordinating Committee (GCC) is focused on Virginia House of Delegate races, and engaging grassroots groups to support VA House of Delegate candidates.

Why does this matter for AA Huddle Network? It’s our chance to learn from the experience in Virginia about how to support state elections in 2017 to prepare for our Maryland state races in 2018.

At last night’s GCCC meeting at the WNDC, we heard from the following groups in preparation for the Monday, September 25 Virginia Call to Action meeting. This call to action meeting will include an advocacy fair, phone banking training and canvassing training. Even more importantly, Tori and Amanda from the DNC leadership will be on hand to finally address our questions from the June 28 Grassroots Town Hall.

  • Democratic National Committee
    • Tori spoke about a session at the September 25th Call to Action meeting devoted to briefing grassroots groups about how to work with the DNC and to answer questions from the June Grassroots Town Hall.
    • Want to get more engaged with the DNC, plan to attend!
  • Race for Democracy, Virginia 2017 –
    • This is an online platform you can use to raise funds for VA House of Delegate candidates. Individuals and groups have raised $37,000 for state candidates in a matter of weeks and all online without a specific event.
    • Do you want to learn more? Attend the 9/25 Virginia Call to Action meeting at the WNDC.
  • Phone Banking
    • Want to get trained to phone bank and put that training into action by making calls in VA districts?
    • Attend the 9/25 Virginia Call to Action meeting at the WNDC.
  • National Voter Registration Day
    • This is a national program. GCC and WNDC are focused on supporting voter registration in Virginia
    • Materials are available to support local registration programs
    • There are options for on-line voter registration. See

Claire Miller,
AA Huddle Network Outreach Liaison and Take Action AAC co-chair