» Constituents Needed to Lobby for 2018 Trust Act

The Montgomery County ACLU is gearing up to lobby for the 2018 Trust Act, which will clarify parameters of State and local law enforcement participation in Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts.

Lobbying is expected to start as early as this week, with special efforts targeting those who did not support the bill last year.

Since legislators tend to ignore lobbying by those from outside their districts, the ACLU is looking for lobbying help by constituents of Democratic delegates and senators who were not on record supporting the failed 2017 Trust Act, listed as follows:

Erek Barron District 24 – Prince George’s
Erik Bromwell – 8 – Baltimore
Ned Carey – 31A – Anne Arundel
Mark Chang – 32 – Anne Arundel
Mary Ann Lisanti – 34A – Harford
Theodore Sophocleus – 32 – Anne Arundel
C.T. Wilson – 28 – Charles
James Brochin – 42 – Baltimore (Senate Judiciary committee member)
James DeGrange – 32 – Anne Arundel
Edward Kasemeyer – 12 – Baltimore and Howard
Katherine Klausmeier – 8 – Baltimore
James Mathias – 38 – Somerset, Worcester and Wicomico
Mike Miller – 27 – Prince George’s Charles and Calvert
Nathaniel Oaks – 41 – Baltimore City
Douglas Peters – 23 – Prince George’s
Bobby Zirkin – 11 – Baltimore (Senate Judiciary Committee CHAIR)

If you or anyone you know are in these districts and are willing to help with lobbying in the next couple of weeks, please contact aahuddle@aahuddle.org.