» Annapolis Environmental Matters Committee Seeking Comments/Ideas

The Annapolis City Council Environmental Matters Committee is seeking comments/ideas for (1) what the city can do to mitigate climate change or (2) what actions they can advocate for private individuals or businesses to follow. Click here for a draft of their proposal to support the Paris Climate Agreement.

Comments should be sent to all the people below:

City of Annapolis
Environmental Matters Committee

Jared Littmann, Chair
City Council
Title: Alderman, Ward 5 (D)
Phone: 410-268-3939 or 443-926-2399
Email aldlittmann@annapolis.gov

Ian Pfeiffer
City Council
Title: Alderman, Ward 7 (D)
Phone: 410-295-6549
Email aldpfeiffer@annapolis.gov

Ross H. Arnett III
City Council
Title: Alderman, Ward 8 (D)
Phone: 443-745-2901
Email aldarnett@annapolis.gov

Also include:

Cyndi Gaines cgaines@annapolis.gov

Maria Broadbent
DNEP Director
Phone: 410-260-2200 ext 7788
Email MBroadbent@annapolis.gov