AAMC/CareFirst Standoff

This past week Anne Arundel Medical Center announced that they intend to terminate their contract with insurance provider CareFirst. CareFirst insures tens of thousands of Anne Arundel County residents, including County employees, AACPS teachers and staff, as well as many employees of private businesses and the Federal Government who live in Anne Arundel County. Many county residents rely on AAMC and its galaxy of medical service providers for their healthcare. If AAMC makes good on it’s threat, there will be a huge impact on thousands of county residents, including patients with serious chronic health issues, and people getting treatment for substance abuse through AAMC. While it is likely a tactic by the medical center to gain leverage in their negotiations with CareFirst, both entities are gambling with thousands of people’s healthcare. It demonstrates on the local level how even those fortunate enough to have health insurance are being used as pawns by insurance companies and healthcare providers in our nation’s dysfunctional healthcare system.

For more information on our local situation, read the Capital articles here and here. Connect with the AACo Healthcare is a Human Right Facebook page, or attend the Annapolis Healthcare Rally on July 29. You can also contact your County and State representatives to ask what they are doing on this issue, and finally, go on social media to urge CareFirst and AAMC to put their patients’ needs first.